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Casino Mike Roasted In Ruthless New Portrait From Kissing-Kanye Artist Scott Marsh

Sydney artist Scott Marsh broke the city’s collective heart last week when he painted over his street mural masterpiece of Kanye West tongue-punching the crap out of himself.

But after giving Sydney this wondrous shrine to the greatest love of all, the genius painter has bounced back with yet another artistic rendering of the modern cultural Zeitgeist.

His latest muse? NSW Premier #CasinoMike Baird.

But rather than macking on with his likeness, the Prem has been immortalised kicking back with a glass of Penfolds Grange – a nod to his predecessor whose career was undone by an undeclared $3,000 bottle of the red stuff from a business tycoon.

And from his stack of poker chips, to the past-our-Baird-time clock showing 1.31 am, to the illegal kebab in his hot little hand, Baird’s portrait – which can be gazed upon IRL underneath the disapproving stare of Biggie Smalls at The Lord Gladstone in Chippendale – skewers every complaint of corruption and hypocrisy that’s been hurled at Casino Mike since his “hard-line stance” on the Sydney Lockout Laws blew up in his face.

It only cost Yeezy $100K to get Marsh to paint over his last artwork, and we’re sure there’s a casino tycoon or two who’d happily help out if Mikey B needs a loan.

In the meantime, you can check out Scott Marsh’s latest artistic masterpiece below via Instagram.

Feel that? That’s your mind expanding with a newfound appreciation of art.

Great photo of me finishing up last night by @colebennetts 📷 Caught @mikebairdmp out on a big Friday night he was happy to pose for a few reference flicks 👍🏻 #casinomike #keepsydneyopen @keepsydneyopen

A photo posted by Scott Marsh (@scottie.marsh) on

@scottie.marsh diptych; #CasinoMike under #biggiesmalls disapproving gaze. Celebrating @spitsyndicate new single tonight with the @chippolord and all his favourite friends. Cc: @nicklupi @jimmynice @pcishere @onedayers @thelmaplum @mad_md #walls #graff #art #keepsydneyopen

A photo posted by EJS✌️📧🌵 ( on

Also is it just me or does he kind of look like Gob from Arrested Development?

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