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April 22, 2016
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Flashback: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off His Stage

Flashback: Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off His Stage

Star attended performer's Madison Square Garden show in 2011

Watch Prince kick Kim Kardashian off the Madison Square Garden stage for not dancing with him.

In 2011, Prince and the reality TV queen Kim Kardashian collided on stage for an awkward, but hilarious, moment. The late pop icon, who was found dead at his Minneapolis studio on Thursday, once kicked Kardashian off the stage at Madison Square Garden for not dancing.


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In a clip from his Welcome 2 Tour trek of that year, Prince hunts for a lady in one of the front rows to join him on stage, flirting and lightly chiding his audience members. He spots Kardashian and asks her to join him, then immediately begins dancing around her to a funk groove. His dance partner, however, laughs nervously while standing in place and clapping for him before Prince says, "Get off my stage," to her.

Following the show, Kardashian tweeted about the incident, explaining why she didn't dance with the legendary performer. "I was so nervous I froze when Prince touched me!!!!"



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