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‘Game Of Thrones’ boss discusses prequel and spin-off series rumours

'Game Of Thrones' boss discusses prequel and spin-off series rumours

HBO had previously said it would be 'open' to the idea

HBO Luke Morgan Britton, 16th April 2016 Game Of Thrones showrunner Dan Weiss has addressed the possibility of a prequel or spin-off show when the HBO series comes to an end.
The sixth season of the hit fantasy show premieres next week (April 24), with reports that seasons 7 and 8 might run with fewer episodes.
HBO president Michael Lombardo recently said that the network would be "open" to a spin-off and that "there’s enormous storytelling to be mined in a prequel".
However Variety now reports that Weiss has dismissed the previous comments as "off-the-cuff".
"When we sat down with him and told him, 'This is what we see, this is how many hours of viable story we have left to tell the story we set out to tell,' there wasn’t a second of pushback on that," Weiss added. "They were concerned with making the best show they can because they know that’s the show that’s going to stick around for the longest."
"At a certain point, especially if it’s a serialised story, it falls apart and loses its heat and its momentum because there’s a carrying capacity even a world the size of ours has. When you reach that carrying capacity and you try to push it further, people start to wonder when this is going to be over and hope that it will be over soon so they can move onto the next thing. That’s not what we ever wanted."
Lombardo has also backtracked on his remarks, saying: "That’s never the way we’ve done our best work. I can’t imagine, if it were not driven by them, that that would happen.”