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Grizzly Bear Playing Bernie Sanders NY Rally, Recording New Album

Vampire Weekend and Grizzly Bear both announced Tuesday that they would perform at a series of Bernie Sanders rallies in New York over the next few days. While Vampire Weekend has already stumped in support of the Vermont senator, the gig marks the first time in over two years that Grizzly Bear have played live together.

After eight months of inactivity, Grizzly Bear's Twitter arose from its hibernation with a series of tweets concerning the Sanders rally as well as informing fans that they will begin work on their new LP, the follow-up to 2012's Shields, in May.

"We are starting to record the new album next month with tons of songs," the band tweeted. "We love all! We r passionate to make amazing music for years to come! And we are passionate about changing the political system in the US. Thanks so much to all of you all that still care! We are ready to unleash a fresh album and hopefully under a fresh government! once in a lifetime chance to elect a true progressive. We all know the Repubs will never hand deliver such easily defeatable candidates. I just want you to know, politics aside, we are all super excited to record this new album next month. We feel great about it, and excited."

In a separate Instagram post, singer Ed Droste detailed why Grizzly Bear is supporting Sanders. "I canvassed for [John] Kerry and [Barack] Obama, and I've phone banked for Bernie, but never before have I felt so inspired by a candidate's purity and integrity," Droste wrote. "So to me, I used to vote with my own interests at heart. This election had forced me to LEARN and EDUCATE myself in a way like no other has. Does my vote help or hurt civilians abroad? Does my vote contribute to the decimation of income inequality? Does my vote sit well within my global moral compass? Only one candidate will fight for what we need. @berniesanders!"

Droste added that voting for Hillary Clinton would be "accepting the corruption we've been desensitized to. We are allowing pointless wars. We are perpetuating a system that systematically makes it THAT much harder to get ahead as a woman or minority in politics."

Read Droste's full Instagram post in support of Sanders below:

As for Grizzly Bear's fifth studio album, Droste told Rolling Stone in April 2015, "We're feeling more adventurous with the sonic directions, changing it up a little bit – not like, a techno dance album… It's in the beginning stages. Only a couple songs have started to take shape and it's gotta be like, a good dozen or so before we get the picture."

In addition to Vampire Weekend's Washington Square Park rally and Grizzly Bear's Prospect Park performance, TV on the Radio will also hold a Sanders rally in Queens on Monday, April 18th, a day before New York's Democratic primary.