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Kendrick Lamar sued over use of Bill Withers sample

Kendrick Lamar sued over use of Bill Withers sample

A group claiming to own the rights to a 1975 Withers single is suing the rapper for damages

Shamil Tanna/NME Tom Mendelsohn, 14th April 2016 Kendrick Lamar is being sued for using a Bill Withers sample without permission.
The rapper used part of Withers' song 'Don't You Want To Stay' on his track 'I Do This', which appeared on his 'Kendrick Lamar' EP in 2009.
Mattie Music Group, which claims to own the rights to the 77-year-old soul singer's song, has been quoted by TMZ as claiming that Lamar's track is a simple lift. According to legal documents filed by MMG, 'I Do This' "consists of nothing more than new rap and hip hop lyrics set to the existing music of 'Don't You Want To Stay'".


The group is suing for damages, and to stop the Californian rapper from continuing to use Withers' work.
Lamar is one of the biggest names in modern hip-hop, and has won seven major Grammy Awards over his career, five for his most recent album 'To Pimp A Butterfly'.
He is also being sued, for hundreds of millions of dollars this time, alongside Beyoncé and Jay-Z, by a Philadeliphia woman who alleges that he stole themes the two had discussed which informed 'Butterfly', and for violating a verbal agreement to pay her back. Lamar has not yet responded to either suit.
Withers, meanwhile, is the voice – and lungs – behind classic soul tracks such as 'Lovely Day' and 'Ain't No Sunshine'.