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Radiohead Send Fans Mysterious ‘Burn The Witch’ Flyers

Leading up to the release of their hugely anticipated new album; Radiohead have sent out some super creepy leaflets to select fans.

The flyers they’ve put out contain a black and white picture and a Radiohead logo on them, and read “Sing a song of sixpence that goes. Burn the Witch. We know where you live.” ‘Burn the Witch’ is a reference to an unreleased Radiohead track, recorded over a decade ago.

The only fans to receive the leaflets were based in the UK who had purchased merchandise from the band’s website in the past.

They were sent less than a month from the beginning of Radiohead’s World Tour which kicks off later in May.

What this means for the release of their album is anyone’s guess, given that last month it was confirmed that the album would be released in June 2016.

Some fans have uploaded pictures of exactly what they received to twitter.

'Burn the witch, we know where you live.' As #Radiohead are taking stalking to a new level, LP9 is getting closer.

— Hester Julia (@Hesterjulia42) April 30, 2016

Umm, I just got this in the post from Radiohead. Is the new album called Burn The Witch?

— Niall Doherty (@NiallMDoherty) April 30, 2016

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