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Read pages from The Simpsons’ Prince episode

Read pages from The Simpsons' Prince episode

The Prince episode that never made it to TV

Fox Sammy Maine, 25th April 2016 Pages from The Simpsons episode that was set to feature Prince have been shared by show writer Al Jean.
The episode never made it to TV but is being dubbed 'The Prince episode'. In the wake of Prince's death on Thursday (April 21), Al Jean has shared excerpts from the original script.
Taking to Twitter to share the story, the script features Lisa winning tickets to a Prince concert and another scene in which Selma tells Prince she loves Under the Cherry Moon, to Prince’s surprise.

.@TheSimpsons page from unproduced Prince script thank you Jacqueline Atkins for finding!

— Al Jean (@AlJean) April 23, 2016

.@TheSimpsons possibly another objection Prince had to the script…

— Al Jean (@AlJean) April 23, 2016

Rumours have been circulating over who actually wrote the script, with some arguing it was a team of freelance writers with some rewrites by Conan O'Brien. Vulture reports that showrunner Bill Oakely has said it was exclusively O'Brien.
The episode was intended to air as a sequel to season three’s 'Stark Raving Dad,' in which Leon Kompowksy believes he’s Michael Jackson. 'The Prince Episode' would have aired during season five, which ran from September 1993 to May 1994.
According to Vulture, Prince allegedly objected to the screenplay, asking to have it rewritten. Sadly, the script was never produced, though Prince did appear in later seasons, including 'Treehouse of Horror XIX,' where Homer stabs the musician with his guitar. Lianne La Havas On Prince's Visit To Her FlatLianne La Havas On Prince's Visit To Her Flat Video: Lianne La Havas On Prince's Visit To Her Flat