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‘Saint Pablo’: new Kanye West track appears and then disappears from Apple Music

'Saint Pablo': new Kanye West track appears and then disappears from Apple Music

Mystery for fans of Mr Kim Kardashian after new track is found online and then withdrawn

Getty Tom Mendelsohn, 14th April 2016 A new Kanye West track entitled 'Saint Pablo' was uncovered online today, but the link abruptly disappeared again soon after.
A streaming link was unearthed on an unknown Apple Music subscriber's profile by an intrepid Reddit user and fans soon flocked to listen, but the track has gone dead in mysterious circumstances. The song was found on a user’s profile
This is the second time the six-minute track, which features Drake collaborator Sampha and samples Jay Z's 'Where I'm From', has leaked online and been removed – a SoundCloud link emerged at the end of last month before being summarily squashed.
The song, which hits out at the media for labelling Kanye crazy, and which discusses his decision to go with Tidal rather than Apple Music, was played once at a listening party at Madison Square Gardens in the US in Februrary, when it was called 'Closest Thing To Einstein', and has attained semi-mythical status purely for its rarity.


At one point, he raps: "When I was negotiatin' with Apple, it was Larry and me / Told Tim Cook to call me, I was scary to see / I would've took a hundred million and gave 20 to Hov / I heard it's the way they did it when we only had a stove / But it's better that I stayed at home with my folks / Cause if Jay a billionaire then I'ma never go broke."
Kanye's 2016 has been an interesting one. He was much criticised for releasing his seventh album, 'The Life Of Pablo', exclusively on Jay-Z's Tidal music streaming service. He eventually backed down, and the album is now available to stream and buy elsewhere, including on Spotfiy. It eventually became the first album to reach number one in the US based on streaming alone.