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Watch Tom Petty, ‘Bob Dylan’ Fight Over Rosanna Arquette

Watch Tom Petty, 'Bob Dylan' Fight Over Rosanna Arquette

Dhani Harrison also cameos in Jack Dishel's surreal webseries ':DRYVRS'

Watch Tom Petty and "Bob Dylan" fight over an acid-dropping cab driver played by Rosanna Arquette in the latest episode of ':DRYVRS'

In December, a webseries called :DRYVRS debuted with an episode that posited that Macaulay Culkin's Home Alone character grew up to become a murderous cab driver. :DRYVRS' second episode arrived Friday with a trio of guests: Tom Petty, Rosanna Arquette and a cameo by Dhani Harrison.


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In the latest, Bob Dylan-inspired episode, dubbed "Bob's Direction Home," Arquette plays an LSD-dropping "DRYVR," a riff on Uber and Lyft, who's convinced she's driving home 1965 Bob Dylan. However, it's actually just a musician – played by series creator and former Moldy Peaches guitarist Jack Dishel – who must then pretend he's Dylan in order to get home.

Eventually the ruse leads Arquette's "Jane" into a fever dream where "Dylan" and Tom Petty – the Tom Petty, not a lookalike – are fighting over her in an apartment, with the Traveling Wilburys bandmates pulling knives out of their guitar. Arquette wakes up to find the musician exiting her vehicle, only to discover her next pickup is a dead ringer for George Harrison… a role played by Dhani Harrison.

Future episodes of :DRYVRS will feature guests like Jeff Garlin, Darren Criss, Steven Weber, Kevin Pollak and recurring appearances by Culkin.



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